Rishi Travel

The Brief

Rishi Travel began more than 40 years ago by Rajesh Khosla. An independent travel agent offering the best flight deals to a variety of destinations.

Operating out of a high-street branch in Southall, Middlesex, Rishi Travel aimed to provide quality travel services and advice for keen holiday makers looking to book their next break away – cementing themselves as an established UK travel agency.

Now, 40 years later, his son Rishi Khosla inherits the business and looks to relaunch Rishi Travel with a brand-new website aiming to increase sales and continue his father’s business, breaking into the online space with hopes of taking this business to new heights.

The Solution

The solution for such a business was really quite simple. Design and create Rishi Travel a brand new bespoke website that allowed them to showcase their services in a centralised location for online visitors of the brand to discover.

Now, being an established brand already, Rishi Travel didn’t require any form of a rebrand – in a bid to honour his father and the work he had done to launch the business initially, Rishi wanted Rishi Travel to stay true to its origins but be shown in a clean and professional format for the digital space.

The logo and printed assets used in his high street branch became our main source of inspiration for a design. We opted for a clean, crisp design combined with a serif/sans-serif font family pairing to help show and exude class and confidence of an already established brand.

Large images were used to showcase destinations on offer and services provided. a dedicated ‘Offers’ system allowed Rishi to load the information he wanted, that suited his business. Along with all the other necessaries you’ve come to expect from an online travel website.

The Result

The completed website paired perfectly with the business and brand Rishi wanted to market. Having had no online presence previously, a new website only meant to evolve the business for the better and take it forward and in a new direction – continuing a once successful high street agency, now online.

A new website meant Rishi Travel could showcase all their services and more in one globally accessible location, rather than having to pay them a visit in store.

A dedicated “Offers” system allowed Rishi Travel to load a whole host of information for all the destinations they provided travel to – Fare prices for popular flights, popular local attractions, and other travel information. And being a custom system allowed for future flexibility down the road as the business grows, so can the website.

And like most websites, this provided another avenue to future customers to get in touch with Rishi Travel and take that next step in booking their future travel getaway.

Rishi was more than pleased with the work we had done to bring Rishi Travel into the online space.

Check out Rishi Travel for yourself and let us know what you think.

What they asked for

Bespoke travel website design
Custom post type integrations
Scalable website CMS
Dedicated offline offers system

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