It all started in 1995...

Before having a website was the norm, a young man set off on a mission. Ian was a tech lover and an avid coder which, coupled with his love to travel, formed the basis of a global travel technology company – Billian IT Solutions (and the parent company of Design for Travel).

Initially, our products were nothing more than desktop applications, designed to make it easier for travel companies to manage airline contracts and customer enquiries. But as the internet became more widely used amongst both businesses and consumers, the demand for an online system became apparent. In order to meet the demand, we developed a range of booking systems which would allow travel companies to manage and sell their services online.

Crucially, our journey from ‘offline’ to ‘online’ highlighted another opportunity for us to innovate. Our online booking products needed a home (aka a website, in the digital world) and we knew that, with our experience, and with our focus solely on the travel industry, we could offer a web design service like no other.

What's next? As we continue to innovate and evolve our business offering, our aim remains clear: we want to offer our customers the best products and services so that you can offer the same to yours.

Our team

We’re passionate about travel and design. Combine the two, and you have a team of creative travel web designers who love a challenge when it comes to bringing ideas to life on the digital landscape.


Matt Maguire
Lew Wilde
Noor Tomlinson

Front-end Development

Graphic Design

Responsive Website Design

Content Creation

WordPress Development

Software Development

Search Engine Optimisation

Technical Support

Like most web designers, we possess the skill and expertise required to build a functional website. But what really sets us apart is our experience within the travel sector. We’re more than familiar with the industry, we understand how your business processes work and ultimately, we know what will convert online visitors into paying customers.

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